GOSS (Global Oilfield Support Service) Ltd.

Tatjana Citrinavičiené

Chief Administrative Officer

Tatjana currently serves as Administrative Manager, being responsible for various tasks as onshore staffing and payroll, liaison with trade unions, accounting, budget development and costs control, office and facilities management. She also provides full 24/7 administrative support to the organization. Tatjana started her career with FOSS & ESG Catering, in a junior offshore management position as Chief Stewardess in January 1998. This was valuable hands-on experience that helped her to learn the principles, and insights of first-class offshore catering business. This position also gave her an opportunity to further develop her talents and expertise in that field.

Very soon Tatjana went through extensive Health & Safety training, and then became the first FOSS & ESG Catering Health and Safety Offshore Supervisor in April 1999. She improved the general safety culture among offshore catering personnel, by developing and implementing internal safety practices and procedures.

She was later promoted to Onshore Supervisor, being involved in various HR tasks as well as offshore personnel logistics, training coordination, control of supplies, clients and customer relations, and other administrative duties.

Since June 2000 Tatjana has also been working for GOSS (Global Oilfield Support Service) Ltd, while still providing full time support to FOSS & ESG Catering. Tatjana holds BA Degree in Management and Administration.

Aleksej Kovtunenko

Commercial & Sales Manager

Aleksej manages commercial, marketing, business development and sales functions. He is responsible for driving company’s growth strategy, pursuing new business opportunities, developing partnerships, assessing risks, putting together bids, negotiating contracts, assisting with day-to-day operations and focusing on the long-term interests of the business.

Before joining FOSS & ESG Aleksej gained experience working for a global manpower supply firm for 6 years. During this time, he led a team of consultants focusing on Oil and Gas markets in Russia & CIS, Europe and the Middle East. He has established a successful cooperation with many major operators, drilling contractors and EPC companies and has been heavily involved in brand positioning and other marketing activities. Aleksej holds a degree in Law and is presently undergoing part-time MBA studies.

Helmut Franke


The founder of GOSS, Helmut oversees the executive management team across operations globally.

Helmut has been working in the international catering business since 1972. Before founding GOSS and FOSS & ESG, global offshore catering service provider, he had a successful career first as a chef, and then as a Catering Operations Manager. At this time Helmut monitored the catering operations delivered on board offshore drilling units and in military camps around the world.

In 1993 he founded Franke’s Offshore Support Service GmbH (FOSS) which joined forces with Emder Schiffsausrüstungs GmbH (ESG) to provide full package of catering, housekeeping and food supply services to a number of Nedrill drilling units in the North Sea. Cooperation proved to be very successful, FOSS & ESG GmbH was established in December 1996. Over the years FOSS & ESG has grown into a leading offshore catering and Housekeeping contractor, providing first-class service to clients all over the world.

In 2000, driven by clients’ demand, he founded GOSS (Global Oilfield Support Service) Ltd. with a purpose to provide dedicated manpower service to the offshore industry. Over the years the service has organically developed into a leading manpower supply, consultancy and oilfield services company operating globally.

Dr. Vassos C. Partassides


Dr. Vassos C. Partassides is serving as Director of FOSS & ESG Catering Ltd and of GOSS (Global Oilfield Support Service Ltd), since the establishment of both companies in June 1998 and August 2000 respectively. He is responsible for the overall management, administration and control, liaison with all Cyprus Authorities, banking institutions, legal advisors, auditors and other local strategic partners.

Vassos shared with the companies’ founders Mr. Helmut Franke, Mr. H.J. Wurpts and Mr. R. Overhaus the vision of choosing Cyprus to register the companies and establishing their headquarters there, using the strategic geographically and convenient location of Cyprus, with its excellent communications infrastructure and the high calibre of professional services offered, enabling the companies to serve both Europe and Asia, keys areas of FOSS & ESG Catering’s operation and marketing interest at that time. He worked intensively to implement the proper establishment of the companies in Cyprus.

Vassos obtained his diploma in economics from Germany, and following its award, he proceeded with postgraduate studies and research leading to his PhD degree in International Economic Relations. Returning to Cyprus he worked for several years in leading positions in shipping and insurance and later in trading. His experience accumulated over the years is extensive, and covers business management, international trading, sales and sales management, financial management and costing as well as human resource management. He was elected and served as Honorary Treasurer of the “Cyprus- Scandinavian Countries” and of the “Cyprus-China” business Associations of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and as member of the Board of the Limassol Cooperative Saving Bank. His interest and care for communal issues is reflected in his repeated election in the post of Municipal Councillor of the Limassol Municipality, spanning a period of 15 years and his long tenure at the Board of Directors of the Limassol Theatrical Company (ETHAL).